Free Printable Unicorns I Spy Game Your Kids Will Love

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Download this free printable unicorn I spy game that your kids will love! This printable is a perfect way for your kids to practice a variety of skills and keep them busy while you make dinner!

I Spy Unicorns Printable Game - Easy Activities for Kids
My daughter loves unicorns (although she can’t actually spot the difference between them, but mommy loves unicorns too!) so I decided to make a fun unicorn I spy game for her.

If your child is a fan of unicorns as well, then they are going to love this adorable free printable unicorn-themed I spy game.

Plus, it makes a great accompanying activity to the Unicorn Bingo Game. These adorable unicorns are just the perfect shades of pastel colors and are oh so cute!


I Spy Unicorns Game - Easy Activities for Kids


The Benefits of I Spy Games for Kids

I Spy printables like this unicorn themed one is a fun and playful way to build memory and learning skills without kids even realizing it.

Using I SPY printables helps strengthen working memory as your child searches the image for different objects.

One of the best uses of I SPY printables is for teaching kids about visual discrimination since this printable requires kids to visually scan through the objects and find ones that are the same.

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The ability to recognize visual details in a picture helps kids to later discriminate between the shapes of different letters — a fundamental reading skill.

Playing I Spy with your kids is also a great way to improve speech, language, vocabulary, and comprehension skills.



Free Printable Unicorns I Spy Game

This printable includes one I Spy game sheet and one answer sheet to record the number of objects found.


Supplies Needed for I Spy Unicorns

Quick Tip: Laminate the Unicorn I Spy page and use dry erase markers to let the kids play over and over again.


Download Instructions

To get instant access to the Free Unicorns I Spy printable, enter your name and email into the form below and click the “Get it now!” button.


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Print Instructions

  • Click the “print” button on your computer to view your printer options and setup.
  • Select “all” to print both the game and answer key or type in a page range to print fewer cards.
  • Laminate for durability and use dry erase markers to let the kids play over and over again.


If your kids love Unicorns, be sure to check out these unicorn gift ideas.


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Free printable unicorns game for kids - Easy activities for kids

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