40+ Clever Tooth Fairy Ideas Your Kid Never Will Forget

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These Tooth Fairy ideas are definitely worth losing teeth over! From tiny Tooth Fairy notes to glitter money, Tooth Fairy gifts, and last minute Tooth Fairy ideas, there are PLENTY of ideas to make your child’s Tooth Fairy experience magical and memorable.

Tooth fairy traditions


Losing a tooth can be as exciting for you as the parent as it is for your child, after all, kids are only going to get a certain number of them.

A visit from the tooth fairy is an exciting experience for young kids, and you want to make those visits super special. So, what can you do to make it more magical?

Take a look at some of my favorite Tooth Fairy ideas that are worth losing a tooth for!

In this round-up of tooth fairy ideas, we’ve gathered a fun variety of ideas that can become new traditions in your home! From printable report cards to tiny Tooth Fairy notes, to glitter money, Tooth Fairy gifts, and last minute Tooth Fairy ideas, there are PLENTY of ideas to make your child’s Tooth Fairy experience magical and memorable.

Your child has twenty teeth to lose, so there’s plenty of time to try all of these fun ideas!


How much money does the tooth fairy leave?

The current average rate for a lost tooth in 2020 is $3.70.

If you think that figure is a steep price to pay for a small tooth, consider that this amount is actually down from previous years. In 2018, the tooth fairy paid $4.13 for each tooth, and in 2017, the tooth fairy had an all-time high price of $4.66 a tooth.

These numbers come from surveys and express an average received – so don’t worry, the tooth fairy isn’t counting out odd numbers of dollars and cents on a case-by-case basis. (source)


Why can’t you see the Tooth Fairy?

As far as our kids are concerned, the tooth fairy exists. But why has no one ever seen her?

If a child is stirring while the Tooth Fairy is near, she merely sprinkles a pinch of fairy dust from her gold silk purse over them to send them back to sleep.

This explanation will help you keep the myth alive when your child starts asking questions about the Tooth Fairy.


Best Tooth Fairy Gifts

The tooth fairy doesn’t always leave money for children, sometimes she might come bearing gifts. Here are 3 gifts from the tooth fairy that your child will love!

Bestseller No. 1
Tooth Fairy Coins Reward Commemorative Coin Collection Experience Gift for Lost Teeth Kids(6pcs)
  • 【EXCELLENT QUALITY】This gold coin is made of iron, each has a separate plastic protective shell. It is heavier, unique and authentic than other plastic gold coins.
  • 【FAIRY TALE DESIGN】The coins design idea comes from classic tooth fairy, give kids magic tooth fairy tale.
  • 【EXCHANGE LOST TEETH】The tooth fairy coins can be collected to celebrate the lost tooth, accompany your child to grow up.
  • 【MULTIPLE USES】The coins not only give kids magic tooth fairy tale, but also can be used as money, treasure toys, further more can be used as reward for the kids.
  • 【PERFECT GIFT】This beautiful golden tooth fairy coin is one of the best gifts to reward children's growth, and will be a cherished gift for a lifetime.
Bestseller No. 2
Tooth Fairy Pillow for Girls - Unicorn Themed Keepsake Pillow Set with Notecard and Keepsake Pouches for Girls Boys and Unicorn Lovers of All Ages
  • Hard Knitted Unicorn Design - This pillow, with its hand knit stitched smiling unicorn face, unicorn horn and bright red bow, is the perfect tooth fairy pillow for the unicorn lover in your family.
  • Comes with a "Tooth Card" - Go all-in on the tooth fairy experience by filling out the accompanying “tooth report card” with sections that both your child and the tooth fairy can fill out. When it’s time for the tooth fairy to come again, simply wipe the card clean so you can start anew.
  • Includes Two keepsake pouches - one on the back of the fairy for collecting cards, and a separate pouch for teeth - give you the chance to repeat this fun tooth fairy experience over and over again.
  • Soft and Comfortable - The pillow itself is made with soft inner material, making it a pillow that’s as snuggle-able as it is fun!
  • Love it or your Money Back - If, for whatever reason, this pillow doesn’t provide a memorable enough tooth fairy experience, let us know and we will refund your purchase.
Bestseller No. 3
Foothill Toy Co. Matchbox Mice & Friends - 'Pearl The Tooth Fairy Mouse' Playset with Keepsake Pouch
  • MEET THE MATCHBOX MICE & FRIENDS - Watch your little one’s eyes light up when she slides open the matchbox to find a sweet little mouse asleep in its bed. Packaged in a beautiful, reusable box, our Tooth Fairy playset contains a stuffed fairy mouse in a soft fabric outfit, a removable backpack that doubles as a keepsake pouch, and a blanket and pillow in coordinated colors.
  • MARK THEIR MILESTONES - Matchbox Mice & Friends make perfect keepsake gifts for the special moments in your child’s life—when she loses her first tooth, the Tooth Fairy takes the form of a friendly mouse; when he graduates to a big kid bed, ease the transition with a bedtime buddy he can tuck in at night.
  • DESIGNED TO DELIGHT - More than meets the eye, each Foothill Toy Co. playset is an invitation to a world where anything is possible. Whether given as a birthday gift or an extra-special stocking stuffer, Matchbox Mice & Friends are sure to earn a place among your child’s most cherished toys.
  • TOYS YOU CAN TRUST - Designed by a mom of three in the charming mountain community of Boise, Idaho, Foothill Toy Co creates engaging playthings that parents trust and kids adore. Each and every product must meet high standards for quality before being brought to market, and all items are 3rd-party tested and certified to guarantee they are safe for kids and free from harmful chemicals.
  • CHILDHOOD TREASURES - Our simple, well-crafted toys have a classic feel, with just enough of a modern touch to capture the attention of children whose world is increasingly busy, bright, and loud—without adding to the noise. High-quality and low-tech, our interactive playthings invite kids to learn more about themselves and the world through imaginative, open-ended play.


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Tooth Fairy Notes

These sweet Tooth Fairy notes are worth losing teeths over! Whether you need Tooth Fairy ideas for a boy or a girl, these Tooth Fairy Notes will make the loss of a tooth even more exciting!

Ways to Give Money from the Tooth Fairy

When losing a tooth, most kids look forward to finding money under the pillow from the Tooth Fairy the next morning. But she is a fairy after all so only makes sense that she would even do a little extra something to make the money even more special.

Tooth Fairy Traditions

Traditions are such a fun way to bond and create lasting memories for your child. So add a little magic to the standard teeth-for-treats routine and create memories your kids will treasure forever!

Tooth Storage Ideas

Sometimes, those little, tiny teeth get lost before the Tooth Fairy has a chance to come and take them away! Next time your child loses a tooth, make it easier for the Tooth Fairy to find the teeth with one of these tooth storage ideas.

Last Minute Tooth Fairy Ideas

No need to fret: there are plenty of good last-minute Tooth Fairy ideas for when your child loses a tooth out of the blue.

These ideas are definitely worth losing a tooth for! And since your child has twenty teeth to lose, there’s plenty of time to try all of these fun ideas!

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Tooth fairy ideas

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