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Is your audience a good fit?

You may be wondering whether our products are a good fit for your audience. 

If your target audience is moms who want to create beautiful memories with their kids – we will go together like peanut butter and jelly!

Whether you primarily create content around food, crats, parties, parenting, etc… Your target audience struggle with bringing her family together and create amazing memories with their little ones.

 Maybe, just maybe, our products can help her teach her kids in a playful way, make everyday life a little bit easier, or help strengthen the bond between mom and child.


How much will you earn?

You earn 40% Affiliate Program commission with 12 months cookies.

If your reader clicks your affiliate link for our product, any time they buy our product in the next 12 months you will receive the commission. Whether they leave the page or leaves the site you get the credit for that visitor’s purchases for 12 months!

Sound good?

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