Printable Road Trip Activity Binder for Kids

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Ever feel like taking a road trip with kids is just out of the question? Our Printable Road Trip Activity Binder will help you keep your child busy and entertained for a long period of time, making the road trip feel not that long!

Road Trip Printable Binder


Family road trips can be long and boring and it can be difficult to keep kids entertained for a long period of time.

It’s tempting to break out the iPads and smartphones, but there are plenty of screen-free printables to keep kids engaged while you travel.

With a little planning ahead, you can have a fun selection of printable travel games that will keep your kids occupied for hours!

This Printable Road Trip Activity Binder will help kids pass the time so you can stay focused on the road. Keep your DIY travel binder in the backseat of your car and refill the pages as your little ones complete them.

Your whole family will thank you for this fun activity!


Printable Road Trip Activity Binder

Some of the activities included in this massive Printable Road Trip Activity Binder are:

  • Travel Journal
  • I Spy Game
  • Road Trip Bingo
  • Design a truck & car
  • Design your license plate & drivers license
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Hangman
  • License Plate Game
  • Alphabet Game
  • Car Logo Hunt
  • Car Color Hunt
  • Road Sign Hunt
  • About Us Game
  • Would You Rather Game
  • Printable Bag Toppers
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Supplies Needed for the Road Trip Activity Binder

Here are some items that pair well with these activities. You will use each of these items over and over during all my printable preschool activity packs.

Paper Options:

  • For reusable cards, print on 8.5″ X 11″ heavyweight or card-stock paper (67–110 lb.), depending on your printer.
  • For disposable cards, use an inexpensive regular weight paper.


Download Instructions

Click here to get instant access to the Road Trip Activity Binder, or click the “Buy Now” button below.




Print Instructions

  • Click the “print” button on your computer to view your printer options and setup.
  • Select “all” to print every page of the activity book or type in a page range to print the pages that will entertain your child.
  • Laminate for durability and use dry erase markers to let the kids play over and over again.


Have FUN with this Road Trip Activity Binder and make sure to check out our other printable binders:

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Road Trip Activity Pack

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