Free Printable Coupon Book for Kids That Makes the Best Gift

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Give your child this Free Printable Coupon Book for Kids this holiday. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer, and a fun way to encourage spending time together as a family.

Free Printable Coupon Book for Kids That Makes the Best Gift

Looking for a fun but inexpensive Christmas gift for your child? This Free Printable Coupon Book for Kids is full of fun activities and experiences your little ones will love to redeem over the year!

In this coupon book, you’ll find coupons that say things like: “This coupon is good for Pizza for dinner (get your favorite kind!)”, “No chores for the whole day (yepp, you’re off the hook!)” and “A date with mom (to the place of your choice!)”.

The experiences in the coupon book are things we think that kids would really value, but we’ve also included blank pages that you can customize based on what you think your child would like to get.

If your house is exploding at the seams with toys, or if you’re looking for the perfect gift to drop in your child’s stockings, then this Coupon Book is exactly what you’ve been looking for!


Printable Christmas Coupon Book for Kids


Free Printable Coupon Book for Kids

This coupon book includes 11 fun coupons that will brighten your child’s holiday, which include:

  • Pizza for dinner (get your favorite kind!)
  • An extra long back rub (enjoy!)
  • One hour extra screen time (have fun!)
  • A trip to the movie theatre (buttery popcorn included!)
  • A trip to the ice cream parlor (plus extra toppings!)
  • One family movie (of your choice!)
  • No chores for the whole day (yepp, you’re off the hook!)
  • Staying up late (30 minutes past bedtime!)
  • Baking cookies (or your favorite treat!)
  • A date with dad (to the place of your choice!)
  • A date with mom (to the place of your choice!)
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Plus we included blank templates that you can use to write in your own personalized ideas. 


Free Printable Coupon Book for Kids


Supplies Needed for the Printable Coupon Book for Kids 


How to Put Together the Coupon Book for Kids

1. Download the coupon book here.

2. Print the Coupon Book on cardstock. Regular copy paper will work too but it won’t be as sturdy.

3. Cut out the coupons you want to include in the book. 

4. Punch holes and tie with ribbon or staple the coupon book together.

5. Put the coupon book in your child’s stocking


I hope the coupon book will put a smile on your little one’s face!


Download Instructions

To get instant access to the Free Printable Coupon Book for Kids, enter your name and email into the form below and click the “Get it now!” button.


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I hope you and your little one have fun with the activities inside the coupon book!
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Free Printable Coupon Book for Kids

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