Free Printable Christmas Tree Countdown to Christmas Calendar

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Countdown to Christmas with this free printable Christmas Tree Countdown Calendar! It’s really easy to set up and your little ones can glue pom-poms to the tree on their own.

Printable Christmas Tree Countdown Calendar

Looking for a fun but simple way to count the days to Christmas? This free printable Christmas Tree Countdown Calendar is really easy to set up and can be adapted depending on the age of your kids.

Kids can glue pom-poms, buttons, add stickers, or use dot markers to the calendar each day until you the Christmas tree is fully decorated. 

No matter which way you decided to use your Printable Christmas Tree Countdown Calendar, it will be a fun addition to your Christmas season!

So let’s kick off December and start counting down to Santa’s arrival!


Printable Christmas Tree Countdown to Christmas Calendar


Free Printable Christmas Tree Countdown Calendar

This printable Christmas Tree Countdown Calendar is a fun way for your kids to countdown to when Santa arrives with the presents. There are two variations to choose from – 24 or 25 dates, depending on you celebrate Christmas on the 24th or 25th of December.

Once you’ve printed the countdown calendar, you’ll start with an empty tree. Then, each day leading up to Christmas, have the kids glue one pom-pom, button or add a sticker onto the tree on the corresponding date, starting with December first and ending on December 24th or 25th.

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When the Christmas tree is fully decorated, they will know it’s time for Christmas!


DIY Christmas Tree Countdown to Christmas Calendar


Supplies Needed for the Printable Christmas Tree Countdown Calendar


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Christmas Tree Countdown to Christmas Calendar


How to Make a Countdown to Christmas Calendar 

1. Print the Christmas Tree Countdown Calendar on cardstock. You can use regular copy paper but it won’t be as sturdy and may be difficult to hang unless you glue the calendar to cardstock or a piece of cardboard.

2. If you want to hang your calendar, punch a hole in the top center of the paper. Run a string or ribbon through and hang on a thumbtack or nail.

3. Starting December 1st, have your little one glue a pom-pom, button, sticker or use a dot marker on top of the number on the Christmas tree that corresponds with the calendar date. By the time Christmas comes, the Christmas tree will be fully decorated!


I hope you have fun counting down the days to Christmas!

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