Painting With Water – Fun Outdoor Art For Toddlers

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Painting with water is a quick, cheap, and mess-free activity that kids absolutely love and can spend hours doing over and over again!
Painting With Water - Fun Outdoor Art For Toddlers


Painting with water is such a simple art activity for toddlers. It’s quick and easy to set up, it’s completely free and best of all, can keep your kids happy and entertained for a long period of time!

This is a great outdoor activity to do on a day when it’s too cold to play IN water but still warm enough to play WITH water.

Painting with water helps build a child’s’ creativity and develop early writing skills but to a child, there’s also something magical about dipping a paintbrush into the water, making huge brush strokes on the ground, and then watching them slowly evaporate in the sun.

You’ll love watching the amazement in your toddler’s eyes when they are painting with water!


Painting with water on wood


What You Need when Painting with Water

  • Bucket with water
  • Paint brushes (different sizes)
  • Optional: Paint rollers 



  1. Start by filling some buckets with water.
  2. Then dip your paint brush or paint rollers into the water.
  3. Start painting away!
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Painting with water


Kids love using grown-up tools and pretend that they’re doing grown-up jobs, and the big brushes and rollers make them feel like they’re just like mommy and daddy.


Painting with water on wood


If you don’t have large paintbrushes and rollers, your kids can still enjoy painting with water, using small paintbrushes too. 


Outdoor painting with water


This activity doesn’t require any adult supervision. Simply hand over the materials and let your child have fun with it!


Children painting with water


The large brushes and rollers hold a lot of water, so they deliver gratifying results when rolled over a large surface.


Child painting with water


Painting with water provides many developmental benefits for little ones including developing gross motor skills and coordination because they paintbrushes are quite heavy when they’re weighted down with water.


Toddler painting with water

It’s not often that kids get to use brushes this size and go nuts with their creativity wherever they want, so it’s quite exciting to make art this way.


Painting with water makes for a great outdoor activity while practicing their early writing and drawing skills and you really only need water and paint brush – simple!

I hope you have a fun time with this idea!


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Paint with water outdoor art

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