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A is for Alien – Letter A Popsicle Stick Craft

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This popsicle stick A is for Alien letter craft is a fun way to introduce the very first alphabet letter. Shoot for the stars with this engaging craft that are sure to impress your little one!

A is for Alien Kids craft


Making a popsicle stick A is for Alien craft is a fun way to introduce the very first alphabet letter. It’s a really simple craft and your little one will be very impressed with the end result!

Kids will have fun practicing building uppercase letters using crafts sticks and they will have an easier time learning their letters and making phonetic connections when provided with engaging activities like this one!

This cute craft is also a great excuse to eat one more popsicle! Of course, you could just buy some craft sticks at the store, but eating ice-creams before crafting is way more fun!

Keep scrolling for all the details on this Letter A craft and shoot for the stars with our Popsicle Stick “A” is for Alien art project idea! 


Letter A Preschool Craft


Alien Jokes To Tell While Crafting: 

Tell some jokes to your little one while doing the A is for Alien craft for an even funnier time together! These jokes are out of this world!

Q: What did the alien say to the garden?
A: Take me to your weeder!

Q: Why don’t aliens eat clowns?
A: Because they taste funny!

Q: What did the alien say to the cat?
A: Take me to your litter.

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Q: What did the alien say when he was out of room?
A: I’m all spaced out!

Q: What do aliens on the metric system say?
A: Take me to your liter.



What You’ll Need for this A is for Alien Craft



A is for Alien Supplies


How to Make the A is for Alien Craft

For this craft, you can use either green craft sticks or regular craft sticks. If you’re using regular craft sticks, start by painting them green and set them aside to dry before following the directions below.

This craft is a great idea for a fun time together at home, Space-themed birthday parties, or in classrooms for learning ABC’s or as decorations.

Like always, our craft tutorial is SUPER simple for kids {and adults} of all ages to pull together within a matter of minutes.



1. Start by cutting one of the green craft sticks in half.

2. Glue two full size craft sticks together to form an upside down V shape.

3. Glue one of the stick halves in the center of the V to form a capital A.


A is for Alien Tutorial


4. Glue three googly eyes along the center of each A.

5. Cut two antennae shapes out of the green construction paper and attach them to the top of each letter A.


A is for Alien Step by Step


To finish off your popsicle stick Alien craft, you can glue the popsicle stick Alien to a piece of paper and decorate the background of the paper to look like outer space. Draw moons, planets and stars all around. Let it dry completely before displaying proudly for all to see!

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Your A for Alien craft is done!


Popsicle Stick Letter Craft


A is for Alien Preschool Craft



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Letter popsicle craft


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