10 Easy Ways to Keep the Kids Quiet While You Work at Home

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Can’t get any work done with your kids at home? Try these 10 easy tips to keep the kids quiet while you work from home and you’ll be sure to get more done.

10 Easy Ways to Keep the Kids Quiet While You Work at Home

Whether you’ve been working from home for years or just started, keeping your kids occupied while you get your work done is essential.

And while doing the nap time hustle is a great way to get work done, sometimes you have to finish up a task while the kids are awake.

These simple activities are a great way to keep the kids quiet while you’re working at home.


10 Easy Ways to Keep the Kids Quiet While You Work at Home

1. Coloring

One of the best ways to get your kids to sit still and be quiet is to give them a coloring book and some crayons.

This easy activity only needs a couple of supplies and requires very little adult direction, making it perfect for parents working from home.


2. Lacing Cards

In addition to keeping your little ones occupied, lacing cards are also a great way for your kids to practice their fine motor skills.

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3. Stickers

Kids love stickers! Which means playing with stickers is another easy way to keep your kids quiet while you work.

To avoid messes as your kids play, choose reusable stickers for hours of mess-free fun.


4. Puzzles

Older kids can have quiet fun putting puzzles together while you work. Just spread the pieces out on an empty table and let them work on their own.


5. Memory Games

Or if you have preschoolers at home, lay out a memory game for your little ones to play. They can play quietly and practice their memory skills at the same time.


6. Jewelry Making

With some yarn and plastic beads, your kids can have tons of fun making jewelry.

Show your kids how to thread the beads onto the yarn, then let them get to work creating some fun jewelry they can wear when they’re finished.


7. Play Dough

With a few jars of dough and some cookie cutters, your kids will be entertained for a while.

In addition to using the cookie cutters to create shapes, your kids can also practice their letters, numbers, and shapes.

Make sure to try our easy Apple Play Dough Recipe that smells amazing!


8. Sensory Bins

If you have little ones at home, keep them occupied with a sensory bin. Simply fill a large bin with objects of different shapes, textures, and sizes and let them explore on their own.


9. Reading

Designate your work time as quiet reading time for your kids.

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Older kids who can easily read quietly to themselves can enjoy a chapter book, while younger kids can flip through picture books during their reading time.


10 Educational Games

Even if you set a limit on screen time, letting your kids use their devices to play educational games while you work is another great way to keep them occupied and quiet for a little while.


How to keep kids busy while mom works from home

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