20 Things to Keep Kids Entertained During Coronavirus Quarantine

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Are you and your kids stuck in a Coronavirus Quarantine and wondering what to do all day long? Here are 20 things to keep kids entertained during Coronavirus quarantine!

 20 Things To Keep Kids Entertained During Coronavirus Quarantine


The coronavirus pandemic spreads like wildfire and if the thought of being quarantined with your children 14-day sends you into a panic spiral, rest assured you’re not alone.

“Time flies. But in this situation, it can go slow. The days are long.” – says Diener, a professional basketball player who lives in Cremona in the Covid-19 red zone of Lombardy, Italy, with his wife and three young children who right now, are living in lockdown. The kids have been off school for two weeks, and the family is following government advice: staying in their home and only venturing outside when necessary.

So if you’re freaking out about the possibility of school closures. What does one do to occupy a high-energy child when you’re not allowed to leave the house? And how can you survive not only the virus, but each other?

Here’s a list of 20 ways to keep kids entertained in the event of a quarantine — and it’s not just unlimited screen time!


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Top 3 Most Popular Crafts & Activities for Kids

There are so many great craft and ideas to choose from on Amazon and it can be pretty overwhelming.  If you have no clue what to get for your child, here are the top 3 most popular craft kits for kids on Amazon. 

Light-up Terrarium Kit

Get ready to experience the glorious miracles of Mother Nature in the comfort of your own home with this extraordinarily innovative LED Light-Up Terrarium Kit from Dan&Darci. If you are looking for a quick & easy way to educate your kids on the wonders of science, nature, and the beauty of life, look no further than this right here.

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Create Your Own Window Art 

Unleash your creativity and transform your windows into works of art with the Made By Me Window Art activity kit!

With 12 suncatcher shapes, 8 vibrant window paints and an acetate sheet to create personalized window clings, this kit makes for the perfect rainy-day craft or group activity.

When you’re finished painting sun catchers, trace the illustrations from the included design booklet onto the acetate sheet, or create your own unique designs. Display your colorful suncatcher creations using the included cording and mini suction cups which attach to windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces. 
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I Love Unicorns Kit

Every child needs something they can believe in, and the Craft-tastic I Love Unicorns Kit is it!

This kit contains everything they need to make six crafts they can wear, play with, and hang in their room—including pom poms, felt, yarn, card stock, glitter-filled plastic vial. It’s all here! Our unicorns aren’t just fun to make, they’ll make true believers of kids. 

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20 Things to Keep Kids Entertained During Coronavirus Quarantine


1. My Giant Busy Box

My Giant Busy Box will keep ’em busy! There are 16 great projects in one giant box of fun! Mold dough animals, collage a farm and sticker art.

Decorate paper bag puppets and tissue art pictures, then frame them! Includes plastic frames, animal punch outs, bright dough colors, peel and stick tissue art pictures, tons of tissue paper, glue, and easy to follow instructions.

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2. Play-Doh

Playing with Play-Doh is a great way to entertain your kids. With this set, your kids can feel like junior chefs with their very own Play-Doh stovetop set that really makes sizzling sounds as they pretend to cook.

Grab and flip Play-Doh foods with the tongs and spatula, and show them off with the plates. It’s the fun of cooking without the heat and dirty dishes!

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3. Baby Shark Coloring Pages

Kids can now create artwork of their favorite web sensation, Baby Shark! Pinkfong fans will love coloring and decorating their favorite Baby Shark characters and scenes.

For even more fun, turn on the Baby Shark song while they play—these quality art supplies will have them singing, “doo doo doo,” in no time! (or maybe this will be torture for parents!?)

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4. Art Case Coloring Set

This case or art supplies are sure to keep your kids busy for HOURS! With everything you need to get started creating, this case makes a great gift for girls and boys

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5. Hide & Seek Rock painting

Does your child have a rock collection at home? Why not spread kindness and positivity by painting and hiding rocks throughout your community (when you’re out of quarantine of course!).

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6. Paint by Sticker 

This book is genius! It’s a paint-by-number book meets sticker book meets Tangrams. Perfect for working on fine motor skills and spatial orientation!

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7. Sand Art Kit for Kids

Our one-of-a-kind sand art set has all the extras that you can ask for! Includes 8 different colors of art sand including 2 glow in the dark colors, uniquely shaped bottles and necklaces with strings, a funnel to minimize the mess, and a designing tool for special effects.

After your child finishes any of the 7 projects included, they can brighten their room with their original sand art bottle, proudly wear their necklace, or give it as a gift and brighten someones day with their thoughtfulness

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8. Pandemic Game

This game is perfect to play in Coronavirus Quarantine times. Feel the excitement of trying to save humanity before mankind is wiped out.

Not suitable for young kids or kids who feel scared by the Coronavirus.

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9. UNO Minecraft Card Game


As in the UNO you love, UNO Minecraft gameplay involves players racing to get rid of all their cards, but this version features cards with Minecraft characters and images and a special rule! And in UNO Minecraft, there’s also a new type of action card; when you draw the Creeper card, show it to the other players and they’ll have to draw three more cards!

You want to match a card in your hand with the current card shown on top of the deck, and you’ll score points for the cards your opponents are left holding. The first player to reach 500 points wins. When you’re down to one card, don’t forget to yell ‘UNO!’

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10. Magnetic 3D Building Blocks

Fun and entertaining, perfect educational presents for school-age children that will never go out of style.

It’s never too early to start developing kids creativity at a young age, PicassoTiles inspire youngsters learning by playing, children will acquire a strong sense of colors, geometrical shapes.

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11. Sensory Fidget Toys Set

These toys were created with fun and learning and aim to build and share memories for kids and parents. From the classic musical instruments, brainteasers, high flying kites, vibrantly colored take apart toys, cool fidget toys, and fun wall stickers, each toy is produced with non-toxic and child-friendly materials, constructed sturdily and prepared and packaged with care. 

These work well for kids and individuals with ADD, ADHD, hyperactivity, and hyperthyroidism.

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12. 365 Jumbo Activity Book 

This activity book is FULL of fun activities for your child. Let your kids creativity run wild!

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13. Pretend Play Doctor Set

Are you feeling sick but your child is full of enery? Why not let them take care of you for a change!

This doctor set will introduce your little one into a new world of play and possibly a medical career.

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14. Floor Piano Mat

Looking for an exciting and innovative way to help your child express their creativity through fun, active play? Look no further than the Kidzlane Floor Piano Mat, a jumbo musical instrument that will keep them on their feet while having a blast!

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15. Basketball Set

Can’t go out to shoot hoops? Play basketball inside instead!

The height can be adjusted to six settings between 2.5 and 4 feet to accommodate even the littlest hoop Star. 

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16. Human Body Anatomy Play Set 

Better than x-ray vision, this magnetic wooden figure is a fantastic learning aid! This set includes anatomically correct magnets for boys and girls and a wooden stand.

By placing magnets on the body, this helps children visualize the skeleton, internal organs, circulatory system, and more. In addition to teaching about basic anatomy, this toy also promotes hand-eye coordination, creative expression, and imaginative play.

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17. Educational Preschool Posters

Even though school might be closed, doesn’t mean your child should stop learning.

With these educational posters, learning numbers and letters become so much easier AND fun!

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18. Map Puzzle

Encourage kids to learn early geography knowledge and build fine motor skills. These interactive magnetic pieces include state names, landmarks, plants, animals, and more. Great for lessons in school or at home. 

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19. Science Lab Kit

Turn your playroom into a working science lab! This kid-friendly lab set includes all the test tubes, beakers and other equipment they need to conduct their own experiments. They can follow the step-by-step instructions on the included activity cards and jot down their findings in the write & wipe journal.

Kids will build essential STEM skills like problem-solving, fine motor skills, sequential thought, math concepts, making predictions and observations.

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20. Kids Tablet

Truth time, there’s going to be a lot of screen time happening if kids get quarantined.Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet includes a Kid-Proof Case with built-in stand, 1-year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, and a 2-year worry-free guarantee.

Download some great educational apps so that you won’t feel totally guilty about letting your kids zone out in front of a screen!

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Want even more ideas on what to do when you’re stuck at home? Here are The Best Indoor Activities for Quarantined Kids and Families.


how to keep kids busy and entertained indoors durin coronavirus Quarantine

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