How To Make a Portable Homework Station That Will Get Your Child Excited To Learn

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Prepare for the new school year by setting up an inexpensive portable homework station that will make homework fun! This homework station idea will work in any place or space in your home!

DIY homework station for school supplies


Does your child have a designated homework space at your house? Or are they always moving around doing homework at the kitchen counter, dining room table, the living room floor, on top of their beds, and who knows where!?

My son is doing his homework all over the house even though we bought him a desk for his birthday!

It seems that the days of sitting at a small desk in the corner of their room, slaving away on adverbs, and fractions are long gone.

Kids these days are on the move while doing homework so why not create a Portable Homework Station to follow them wherever they may land.

This supply caddy is the perfect organizational tool for kids on the go, small spaces, waiting rooms, daycare, road trips, restaurants, and more!

And big bonus — your kids will love their new organizational tool so much, they may actually be excited to do their homework!

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DIY portable homework station


What is a Portable Homework Station?

portable homework station is a moveable tote, caddy, rolling rack, box, lap desk, or binder that contains all the supplies kids may need to finish their homework. They are perfect for small spaces and travel! (source)


Organize homework station


What You’ll Need for the Portable Homework Station


We filled our portable homework station with pencils, pens, dry erase markers, markers, crayons, glue, scissors, rulers, colored pencils, and highlighters.


Supplies portable homework station


How to Make a Portable Homework Station

This portable homework station is perfect for homework, coloring, and busting boredom in waiting rooms, restaurants, and on long car drives!

1. Print out the printable label on card stock and cut out around the outer border

2. Place the cups inside the basket.


Step by step portable homework station


3. Invite your child to fill the plastic cups with various school supplies.


Tutorial portable homework station


4. Wrap the ribbon around the exterior of the basket and secure it in place with glue.


DIY portable homework station for school supplies


5. Glue the label to the front of the basket, centered on top of the ribbon.


Homework station label


Hopefully, this DIY Portable Homework Station will help your kids start off the school year more organized!



Download Instructions

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Printable homework station label


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