Glitter Fireworks Painting That Are Guaranteed To Be Fun

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This glitter fireworks painting is a fun and stunning kids craft that inspires creativity. Kids will love to use glitter and glue to create sparkly and beautiful fireworks art.

Fireworks art idea


Looking for an awesome art project for the kids to make during a New Year’s Eve celebration?

This glitter fireworks painting is absolutely stunning and is perfect for kids of all ages.

Making a glitter fireworks painting is really easy, but offers so much room for creativity and imagination. Children will love to use glitter and glue to create colorful and vibrant fireworks.

All you need for this craft are two of kids favorite craft supplies – glitter and glue! Put these two messy craft supplies together and you have a sparkly craft worthy of the 4th of July or New Year’s Eve. 

Get ready for a night full of fun with this gorgeous and sparkly Fireworks Craft.


Firework art for New Years


How to Make the Glitter Fireworks Painting

This art project is a lot of fun to do with your kids this New Year’s Eve. Since most kids won’t be able to stay awake until midnight, they can create their own night sky full of fireworks.

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Like always, our craft tutorial is SUPER simple for both kids of all ages (and adults!) to pull together within a matter of minutes.

Crafting with glitter can be messy, but it’s always fun and it’s a great way to really make your art project sparkle!

Tip: Worried about getting glitter everywhere? Clean up any excess glitter with a small ball of playdough!


What You’ll Need:


Fireworks art supplies



1. Start by placing black paper inside the empty box to contain the glitter. Using black paper makes for a cool night sky backdrop for your fireworks, but if you don’t have black paper, you can do this project on any color of paper.

2. Use the glue to create fireworks patterns on the paper. If you’re making this craft with younger kids, you can start by drawing fireworks using a pencil and then having your child trace the fireworks with the glue.


How to do Fireworks art


3. After creating each firework, sprinkle a good amount of glitter over the top of the glue until it is completely covered. 


Glitter and Glue Fireworks Step by step


4. Carefully lift the paper and shake off the excess glitter into the box.


Glitter and Glue Fireworks Tutorial


5. Place the paper back in the box and draw another firework. 

Repeat the steps above until the paper is covered with fireworks.

Tip: We like to work one firework at a time in case the children like to make different colors for each firework.


Fireworks art for kids


Your glitter fireworks painting is done! Isn’t it gorgeous!?

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This Fireworks Salt Painting turned out to be such a fun craft for New Year’s Eve! It was so easy and the kids loved this cool art project. Now we’re going to try salt painting for other crafts and holidays too!



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