Top 30 Gift Ideas for Creative Kids Who Love Art

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If you need gift ideas for creative kids,  you will love the cool art supplies, kits, books, and tools I’ve chosen. There are so many great things on this list for young aspiring artists who love art that I’m sure you’ll find a ton of gift ideas right here. 

Gift ideas for creative children


Do you have a young kid artist at home?

What better way to encourage your child’s creativity than with the gift of art!

Kids of all ages have a natural fondness for creating by drawing, painting, and crafting. And while you can go a long way with regular paint, and paper, you can never go wrong with some more inspiration and cool tools.

I’ve gathered over 30 Gift Ideas for Creative Kids that are perfect for the child who already has everything or for the creative child who just loves art!

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Top 30 Gift Ideas for Creative Kids


Painting Gift Ideas for Creative Kids Who Love Art

For the Kid who Loves to Paint

1. Standing Easel – Want the most bang for your buck? Here’s a dry erase board, chalkboard and painting station all in one. Clear out some space somewhere and set this puppy up!

2. Big Paint Brushes – Includes all the basic brushes your child need for acrylic and watercolor painting.

3. Easel Paper Roll – Hang these paper rolls on an easel for drawing and painting, spread them out on the floor to make a giant canvas for giant creativity with these two extra-long rolls of premium white bond paper.

4. Easel Accessory Set – If you already got the easel, then the Easel Accessory Set is a great kit to complement the standing easel.


Drawing Gift Ideas for Creative Kids Who Love Art

For the Kid who Loves to Draw

5. 142-Piece Wood Art Set – This is THE ultimate art supply kit for kids who love to draw! The kit includes 60 crayons, 24 oil pastels, 24 premium core colored pencils, 24 watercolor cakes, and more.

6. Drawing Pad – White paper is an essential art supply, and this drawing pad is ideal for pencils, crayons, markers, chalk, poster paints or watercolor artwork.



Learn to Draw Gift Ideas for Creative Kids Who Love Art

7. How to Draw 101 Animals – Drawing animals can be difficult, but with simple step-by-step line illustrations, it becomes way more easy for children to draw with confidence.

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8. How to Draw People – If you think drawing animals is hard, just think how much more difficult it is to draw people (and their faces!). This book will teach your kids to draw a fireman, a drummer, a cowboy, an astronaut and more.


Lettering Gift Ideas for Creative Kids Who Love Art

For the Kid who Loves to Write

9. Neon Chalk Lettering – Embrace your inner Picasso with the eye-catching marker colors and designs that pop. The stenciled outlines and flipable signs give canvases to showcase your new designs.

10. Brush Marker Set – These brush markers has a great color selection, quality and flexible brush tip and are the perfect first set of brush markers for your kids.

11. Words to Live By – This book is a unique combination of inspirational quotes, hand-lettering tips and techniques, and fun coloring pages. It has step-by-step so that artists of any age can learn how to create beautiful works of letter art.




Art Gift Ideas for Creative Kids Who Love Art

More Fun Gifts for Creative Kids

12. Art Table – As far as art tables go, this art table would be a great choice for kids who love art. It has a large smooth surface for activities and an angled easel design for maximum comfort and storage for pencils and crayons.

13. Washable Kid’s Paint – This paint set is ideal for introducing young children to the joys of painting. The paint can be used on almost any surface.



String Art Gift Ideas for Creative Kids Who Love Art

14.  Create Your Own Window Art – This is hours of screen-free entertainment for your child. This craft will build up their confidence by letting them color in the plastic to make cool window art, and later they can draw their own too!

15. String Art Kit – The kit has everything you need to create cool string art, from sturdy foam canvases pre-printed designs to 60 yards of thread and 170 pins. There is no need for nails, hammers, or other supplies, which means your kids can instantly begin honing their creative juices.




Slime Gift Ideas for Creative Kids Who Love Art

16. DIY Slime Kit -Slime is so popular right now and I bet your kids would love to make their own, homemade slime with foam balls and glitter!

17. Play Sand – Thanks to a little science magic, Ultimate Play Sand stays soft and shape-able year after year. This amazing sand is great fun for children of all ages and even for adults.



Sewing Kit Gift Ideas for Creative Kids Who Love Art
18. My First Sewing Kit – This kit is a perfect travel or rainy day activity and will foster creativity and skills that can grow into an exciting hobby, or why not an extraordinary career?

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19. Paint by Number – A good introduction to watercolors is to mix up some paint and just paint by number. You can find more designs here.



Fun Gift Ideas for Creative Kids Who Love Art

20. Rock Painting –   This kit is a fun way for your kids to spread kindness, encouragement, and happiness throughout your community by simply painting fun and beautiful rocks and hiding them in your neighborhood.


21. Stamp-a-Scene Stamp Pad – If your child doesn’t enjoy drawing characters, they may enjoy this stamp set with everything needed to create and color fun picture scenes.



Cool Gift Ideas for Creative Kids Who Love Art

22. Pottery Studio – If you have a child that is really creative, then maybe pottery might be something they’ll enjoy? They can create a cool pencil holder or a beautiful jewelry stand and perhaps give it to you to enjoy.

23. Sew Cool Machine – The Sew Cool Machine doesn’t require any skills and includes 9 projects that even beginners can complete. And best of all, there are no needles to thread!



DIY Gift Ideas for Creative Kids Who Love Art

24. Button Art – Button Art is designed for preschoolers to develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and creative thinking. It also comes with a wide storage tray to keep everything together so the pieces don’t end up all over your house.

25. Do Art Pottery Studio – Prepare to get your hands dirty! You need to be patient when making pottery but this kit is easy to use and completely safe for your kids.


Cool Drawing Gift Ideas for Creative Kids Who Love Art

26. Wooden Tabletop Easel – Do you have more than one child that likes to paint? This easel is double sided and allows for both sides to be used at the same time which makes it great for multiple children!

27. Light-up Tracing Pad – Give your kids the confidence to create with the included coloring board and art supplies! The tablet has an ultra-thin design and bright LED drawing surface that makes tracing easy.



Art Kit Gift Ideas for Creative Kids Who Love Art
28. Spirograph – Hearts, stars and teardrops…oh my! The classic way for aspiring artists to create amazing designs is getting new pieces for the first time in a generation!

29. Butterfly Necklaces – Let your child embrace their creative side with this fun DIY tackle kit. Or throw a jewelry party and let all of your kids’ friends make jewelry together.

Coll Gift Ideas for Creative Boys Who Love Art
30. 3Doodler Create – The worlds first 3D pen! How cool is that? You can create amazing and unique art with this tool and draw vertically, draw horizontally and lift your imagination off the page!

31. Sk8 Deck Wall Art – Do you have a skateboard fan at home? The Sk8 Deck Wall Art may just be the most fun you can have with a skateboard without leaving the house.


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How to Encourage Your Budding Artist?

Want to help your child to express himself or develop a natural talent, here are 14 ways to foster a passion for art in your school-age child (source):

  • Stock up on art supplies
  • Encourage experimentation, but don’t push it
  • Resist the urge to set the creative agenda
  • Avoid becoming an art critic
  • Talk with your child about his art
  • Don’t “correct” your child’s artwork
  • Display and notice the artwork of all your children
  • Find new places to do big, messy projects
  • Plan a trip to an art museum, gallery, or studio
  • Flip through arty picture books
  • Watch an artist at work
  • Be open to zany ideas
  • Let mistakes happen



I hope you found some great ideas for your kids in this post, and if you give your kids something from this list, it would be really interesting to see what you thought of it so leave a comment below!

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