Feed the Ghosts Color Sorting Pom Pom Activity

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This Feed the Ghosts Color Sorting Pom Pom Activity is a fun game for counting, color sorting, and fine motor skills coordination using just a box and colored pom poms! A great indoor, not so scary Halloween activity for toddlers and preschoolers to enjoy again and again.

Ghosts Color Sorting Activity

This ghosts color sorting activity is a fun Halloween game for toddlers and preschoolers to enjoy again and again.

The pom-pom sorting activity is quick and easy to set up and is a great way for little ones to practice counting, color sorting, and fine motor skills coordination.

Make this Ghosts Color Sorting box for an engaging, not so scary indoor Halloween activity! 


Halloween Color Sorting Activity


How to Make this Ghost Color Sorting Pom Pom Activity

This pom-pom sorting activity requires almost no prep and will keep your toddler or preschooler busily engaged in some educational sensory play! 

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How to make Halloween color sorting


What You Need:


Watch the full tutorial video here!


How to Set Up the Ghost Color Sorting Activity:

Recycled color sorting activity


1. Draw ghosts on top of your cardboard box using a pencil. Make sure that the mouth is big enough to push pom poms through.


Ghost halloween activity


2. Fill in your pencil marks using colored markers.


Cardboard box halloween activity


3. Cut out the ghost’s mouth using a craft knife.


The ghosts are ready to be fed and they’re hungry!


Feed the Ghosts Color Sorting Pom Pom Activity


How to Play & Learn with the Ghost Color Sorting Activity

My kids got a chance to play with it first and had a great time pushing the pom poms into each mouth.

The Ghosts Color Sorting activity ⁣helps children develop skills like:⠀⠀

  • Color identification
  • Fine motor skills
  • Hand & eye coordination


Ghosts Color Sorting Pom Pom Activity


How to Adapt this Activity for Your Childs Skill Level 

You can modify this Ghosts Color Sorting Activity to match your child’s skill level:


1. For Very Young Children

For very young children and those that haven’t learned their colors yet, you could just start practicing their pincer grasp and fine motor skills by picking up pom-poms and pushing them through the holes.


2. For Older Children

For older or those that already know some colors, you can practice matching the colored pom-poms to the correct colored ghost.

You can also practice soring the pom poms into groups before feeding the ghosts.


3. For Very Able Children

For very able children, you can add in counting to the activity. Count the number of pom-poms you feed the ghosts or practice feeding one more each time.

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You can also ask your child questions while doing the activity. For example:

  • “What can you think of that’s orange?”
  • “What in this room is blue?”
  • “What food can you think of that’s green?”

Questions like these will elevate this activity and help build vocabulary.


Halloween Color Sorting Pom Pom Activity


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