Free Valentines Day Color Matching Activity

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Grab this free Valentine’s Day Color Matching Activity and practice colors, counting, and fine motor skills this February. Kids will love matching the heart keys to the locks again and again.

Free printable valentines color matching


This Free Valentines Day Color Matching Activity is a fun Valentine’s Day game for toddlers and preschoolers to enjoy again and again.

The color matching activity is quick and easy to set up and is a great way for little ones to practice counting, color sorting, and fine motor skills coordination.

Make this Valentine’s Day Color Matching Activity for a fun and engaging indoor Valentine’s Day activity! 



Supplies Needed to Make the Valentines Day Color Matching Activity

This Valentine’s Day Numbers Puzzle is both quick and easy to put together and your child will love matching the heart keys to the locks again and again.


Directions to Make Valentine’s Day Color Matching Activity

1. First, download and print the Valentine’s Day Color Matching Activity.

2. Use scissors to cut out the keys.

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3. Laminate for durability.

4. You can also attach self-adhesive dot tapes to the locks and keys.


Your color matching activity is ready!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Download Instructions

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Teaching Colors To Kids Of Different Age 

This printable activity work well for a differentiated set of ages. 


How To Teach A Toddler Colors

Around the age of two, toddlers begin to grasp the names of some colors and begin to excitedly point out which names they know.

How to use this Valentine’s Day Color Sorting Activity with toddlers:

  1. Point at the different images and colors.
  2. Describe the color they are seeing compared to other colors.
  3. Describe the images they are seeing. Say things like, “This is a red key”, or “This is a blue heart”.


How To Teach A Preschooler Colors

How to use this Valentine’s Day Color Sorting Activity with preschoolers:

  1. Match the keys to the right colors.
  2. Say that the key is red and that it is a key – Red Key.

These are the beginning stages of putting words together and pre-creating sentences. And even though they aren’t writing it yet, they are visually seeing the future approach to teaching English and learning to read.

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Bonus: Provide your child with crayons or colored toys and match these with the locks, for an easy matching game to learn about colors. You can even place the keys in a sensory bin for a fun color seek and find game.


How To Teach A Kindergartener Colors

Your kindergartener will likely need a more advanced activity than just matching colors.

Here’s how to use this Valentine’s Day Color Sorting Activity with kindergarteners:

  1. Match the keys to the right colored locks.
  2. Have them write out the words on a sheet of paper. For example, if they match a red key to the color red, have them write Red Key.

If they need a little more help before they’re able to write the words all by themselves, you can write the words first and have them trace over it.


More Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Valentines day activity pack

If you need some fun and educational activities to engage your child and help them learn, this Valentine Activity Pack for kids is perfect! 

You’ll receive 57 pages including:

  • Patterning
  • Counting
  • Letter recognition
  • Tracing
  • and more

Laminate the pages and create a reusable busy book or have your child cut and paste!

This is a digital download. No physical product will be shipped. 


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Free color matching activity

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