Top 10 Free Space Coloring Pages for Kids

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Teach your child all about space while coloring these 10 Free Space Coloring Pages for Kids including aliens, stars, planets, rocket ships, astronauts, and more!

Top 10 Free Space Coloring Pages for Kids


Teach your child all about space while coloring these 10 Free Space Coloring Pages for Kids (Who are we kidding, they are just as fun for adults too!).

Many little ones (preschoolers, kindergartners) don’t know much about space so you can sit down and teach your children with the help of each page.

While coloring the astronaut you can explain what an astronaut’s job is and why they do what they do.

While your children are coloring each page, explain what planets, satellites, stars, etc. are. There’s something extremely satisfying when you see your kids soak up all the information they can on a new topic and that’s exactly what will happen with the help of these coloring pages.

Coloring is of course, also a wonderful way to help small children with their fine motor skills as well as teaching tripod pencil grasp.


Free Space Coloring Pages for Kids


Free Space Coloring Pages for Kids

These 10 free coloring pages consist of:

  • Rocket ships
  • Satellites
  • UFO:s
  • Aliens
  • Astronauts
  • Stars
  • Planets
  • and more.
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Download these 10 free printable space coloring pages for kids for a fun and easy art activity below.

Supplies Needed for Coloring Pages


Download Instructions

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Print Instructions

  • Click the “print” button on your computer to view your printer options and setup.
  • Select “all” to print all of the coloring pages or type in a page range to print the pages your kids want to color.
  • Enter specific page numbers to print selected coloring pages.

Paper saving hack: For teaching young children how to color in the lines without having to print multiple copies you can laminate the pages or use clear sheet protectors and allow children to practice coloring the pages with dry-erase markers.


I hope you have FUN while coloring these space pages! 

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Free printable space coloring pages

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