Free Printable Easter Activity Book For Hours Of Quiet Fun Time

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This free printable Easter Activity Book is loaded with fun activities your kids will love, including coloring pages and active games! Print it off and add them to your child’s Easter basket or save them for quiet activity time.

Free Printable Easter Activity Book For Hours Of Quiet Fun Time


Easter is one of our favorite holidays not only because it signifies that Spring has officially sprung, but also because it’s full of fun family traditions that don’t involve quite the same stress as Christmas does.

When the excitement of the Egg Hunt is over, our kids often need something to keep them entertained as we’re preparing the Easter feast. And while they are entertained with their Easter Bunny “loot” for a short while, there inevitably comes a time when the Ham is still to be cooked, but your little lamb’s patience has run out!

Enter our free printable Easter Activity Book – bursting with Easter-themed fun for your kids, including both quiet activities, coloring pages, and a bingo game.

Print out some copies to have on hand for the inevitable “downtime” during your Easter celebration, or include it in your child’s Easter Basket.

Keep scrolling to see what’s inside, how to access this (free!) printable and fun Easter Activity Book.

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Free Easter printable pack - Easy activities for kids


What’s in the Easter activity book?

Let’s take a peek at all the fun activities packed inside this activity book.

There are 24 pages of activities, plus a cute front page to the activity book.

  • Easter maze: Help the peep through the maze to find the Easter eggs.
  • Easter word search: Find 7 words.
  • Easter crossword: Two Easter-themed crosswords.
  • I Spy Game: Can you find all the bunnies, peeps and eggs?
  • Find and color: Color the Easter eggs a different color for each pattern.
  • Easter Bingo: Include the whole family in this fun game.
  • Easter dot-a-dot: Keep even your young learners busy (at least for a while)
  • Bunny headband: Color, cut and glue the headband together and hop around like a cute little bunny!
  • Coloring Pages: 3 cute coloring pages that can be given away as Easter cards.
  • Color by number: 2 fun color by number pages.
  • Copy the picture: Can you draw the image above?

This sweet printable Easter Activity Book is going to be so much fun for your little ones and is sure to keep them busy until dinner is ready.

Are you hosting an Easter party? Print the activity book on regular paper and fold it in half for a cost-effective (quiet) activity for cousins, friends and even adults to doodle on before or after your festivities.



Easter free printable pack


Download Instructions

To get instant access to the Free Easter Activity Book, enter your name and email into the form below and click the “Get it now!” button.



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Print Instructions

  • Click the “print” button on your computer to view your printer options and setup.
  • Select “all” to print every page of the activity book or type in a page range to print the pages that will entertain your child.
  • Laminate for durability and use dry erase markers to let the kids play over and over again.


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Easter free printable pack - Easy activities for kids

Easter free activity book for kids - Easy activities for kids

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