Free Morning and Bedtime Checklists for Kids

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Reduce stress in the morning and make your bedtime routine run smoother with our free morning and bedtime checklists. Use these routine checklists to help your child build independence and responsibility!

Free morning and bedtime charts for kids

Do your children struggle with getting up and ready in the mornings?

Is bedtime a fight every single night?

Are you constantly reminding your kids to do the same things over and over?

“Go brush your teeth?”

“Why aren’t you dressed yet?!”

“We’re going to be LATE!”

If you are having a hard time with your child and need something to help with letting them know what’s expected of them next, these checklists may just be the magic solution to your problem.

Toddlers and even preschoolers sometimes need that visual aid to take the surprise out of what will happen next. These free morning and bedtime checklists can help your routines run smoother and make your house more peaceful and calm.

These free checklists visually show your child what tasks they need to do next. So instead of waking up and wondering, “what do I do now?”, your kids can easily stay on track, and work towards independently completing their checklists.

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Not only does this allow children to be independent in their routines, but it also gives them confidence as they’re able to see “what’s next” and help them prepare for the next activity which takes away any anxieties and a lot of questions.

After a while, the routine checklists can help lessen the overall stress level of your mornings, and help everyone get out the door on time. High five to that!


How To Use the Routine Checklists

The morning and bedtime routine checklists are easy to use:

  1. Fill out the form below to get instant access to the routine checklists.
  2. Print the routine checklists using your home printer. 
  3. Display the routine checklists in a location that is easily accessed by your child to see them. You can hang them on your child’s bedroom door, on the fridge, in the bathroom, etc.
  4. Use whiteboard markers or magnets to check off the tasks when done.
    1. Laminate the routine checklists and use a whiteboard marker to check off the tasks. When you’ve checked all boxes, you can simply wipe off the checklists using paper towels. 
    2. Hang the routine checklists on your fridge and use small magnets and place them in the checkboxes when your child has completed a task.
  5. Show your child which tasks to complete and have your child check the boxes after they’ve completed a task.

And once all the tasks are done, give them a big hug for completing their routine!

The more they complete the tasks, the easier they will become, until one day, they won’t need the checklists at all! It will just have become their established routine.

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Download Instructions

To get instant access to the Free Routine Checklist, enter your name and email into the form below and click the “Get it now!” button.



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Free routine charts for kids

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