Flower Pot Mothers Day Card Kids Can Make For Mom

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This little flower pot Mother’s day card is a perfect Mother’s day craft for kids to make. Our free template makes it easy and you can be sure that mom will love receiving this card with a secret message inside!

Mothers Day Card for Kids


Are you looking for a simple and gorgeous Mother’s Day card idea to make this year for Mom or Grandma?

I first saw this beautiful Flower Pot Card on I Heart Crafty Things and wanted to make my own!

This card is super simple to make with the help of our Free printable template and Mom or Grandma will adore the special message hidden inside the pot when she opens it up on Mother’s Day!

The best part, these flowers won’t wither after a few days so Mom and Grandma can keep this beautiful Mother’s Day card as a keepsake for years to come.

So get your craft supplies ready to make this Flower Pot Mother’s Day cards come to life!

This card would go perfect together with our DIY Mother’s Day Flower Vase.


How to Make a Mother’s Day Card for Kids

This Mother’s Day craft is really easy to make. You can choose to draw each detail on card stock as templates yourself but it gets even easier if you download our Free printable templates that you can easily trace around to make this card.

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You can also have your kids think of their own special message to write inside the flower pot card too!


What You Need For This Flower Pot Mothers Day Card



1. Start by drawing a flower pot on two pieces of orange cardstock. 


Drawing flower pot on paper


2. Using scissors, cut out both of your flower pots.


3. Write “Happy Mother’s Day” on a piece of paper and glue it to one of your flower pots.


Write Happy Mothers Day on Card


3. Draw drops on red cardstock, these will become your flower petals. Cut out your drops, you will need nine for this craft.


Draw and cut red paper tulips


4. Fold six of the flower petals in half and leave three unfolded.


Fold red paper tulips


5. Add glue on the sides of one of your unfolded flower petals and glue two folded petals on the flower with the folds facing towards each other.

Repeat this step to make two more tulip flowers.


Make paper tulips


6. Cut out stems from green cardstock.


7. Add glue on the back of your tulips and glue to the stems.


8. Add glue on the back of the stems and glue them to the flower pot without wording on it so the stems are down inside the flower pot.


9. Use a marker to write a personalized message on the bottom of the flower pot card.


Write I love mom inside card


10. Put both flower pots together and use a hole punch to punch a hole on each side of the flower pot rim. 

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Punch holes mothers day card


10. Cut off a section of ribbon about 25-inches long. Thread the ribbon through the two holes at the top of the flower pot and tie it closed with a bow on the front of the flower pot card.


Mothers Day Card for Kids - Easy Activities for Kids


Your Mother s Day flower pot craft is finished!

When Mom or Grandma receives her card, she’ll have to untie the ribbon to open up the card and reveal the personalized message on the inside of the card.

I bet Mom will love it!

Want to remember this? Save the Flower Pot Mother’s Day Card tutorial to your favorite Kids Craft Board! 

Flower mother's day card

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