5 Fun Equipment Free Backyard Activities You and Your Family Will Enjoy

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You don’t need fancy equipment to have fun in your backyard. Here are 5 fun equipment free backyard activities you and your family will enjoy.

5 Fun Backyard Activities that Don’t Require Special Equipment

With the weather warming up, it’s finally time for your kids to enjoy some time outside.

And while there are a ton of great toys and playsets available to keep your kids entertained outdoors, there are also a variety of awesome outdoor activities that don’t require special equipment at all.

If you’re hoping to get your kids playing outside but don’t want to spend any extra money on outdoor toys, you’ll love these five fun backyard activities.



Kid’s Car Wash

After being put up for months, your kid’s outdoor toys could probably use a good wash. Make the task fun by creating an outdoor car and toy wash for your kids. To make this fun activity, you’ll need:

  • Soap and water
  • Bucket
  • Sponge or washcloth
  • Outdoor toys

Fill the bucket with water and place it next to your kids’ toys. Let them use the sponge and water to clean their toys. You can even add to the fun by letting them rinse the toys with the hose when they’re finished washing.

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Rock Painting

Get creative outside with some paint and rocks. Start by heading out to the backyard to find some rocks. Clean them off and paint the rocks with different designs. Then, head out on a walk around your neighborhood to hide the rocks so others can find them.


Backyard Scavenger Hunt

To make this easy backyard activity, all you need is a piece of paper and a pen. Make a list of things your kids can find in your backyard, then send them on a scavenger hunt. They can race to see who finds all the items first or work together to find everything on the list.


Nature Art

Using items found in nature to create cool artwork is another fun activity that doesn’t require any special equipment (or prep work). Send your kids outside to find fun items in the yard they can use to create nature art. Whether they craft a fun art project out of items from nature or use items like leaves or sticks to paint a cool picture is up to them!


Have a Picnic

Enjoy the nice weather at lunchtime by setting up a picnic in your backyard. To create a fun lunch picnic, you’ll need:

  • Portable food, like sandwiches, crackers, string cheese, etc.
  • Drinks with lids
  • A blanket

Spread the blanket out on the ground and lay out each of your kid’s meals. Make sure your lunch is easy to eat and the drinks have lids to prevent spills. And when you’re finished, all you have to do is gather up the trash and blanket and head inside.

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Fun and free backyard activities for kids

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