DIY Mother’s Day Flower Vase Kids Can Make Themselves

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A budget-friendly and easy personalized DIY Mother’s Day Flower Vase kids can make themselves – a simple painted mason jar vase! Thrifty, cute, and something a mom will treasure for many years.


Pink Gold Glitter Flower Vase for Mom

Are you looking for a simple, budget-friendly Mother’s Day idea for kids? Look no further than this adorable mason jar vase!

Kids love making stuff for Mother’s Day but the idea of coming up with a creative project strikes fear into the hearts of many dads.

So why not help your hubby out and forward him this easy to make DIY Flower vase for Mother’s Day.  He’ll thank you, the kids will be super proud of what they’ve made, and you’ll get a gift that’s both homemade and beautiful. Everybody wins!

Make this Flower Pot Mothers Day Card to go along with your handmade vase for mom!


How to Make a Mother’s Day Flower Vase

We used white and pink paint and gold glitter when we made this vase, but you can choose whichever colors you want.


What You Need For This DIY Mother’s Day Flower Vase

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Optional: Go outside and pick real flowers to put in the vase, mom will really appreciate it!


Paint, glass jar, glitter, tape



1. Start by putting masking tape on the glass jar to form the word “MOM”.


Tape MOM flower vase


2. Paint the glass jar white.


Paint flower vase white


3. Once the paint has dried, paint the jar with hot pink.


Paint mothers day vase pink


4. Put star confetti on the jar.


Put star confetti on DIY vase


5. Remove the masking tape and apply gold glitter to the word “MOM”.


Paint gold glitter flower vase


6. Put a gold ribbon around the top of the vase.


Pink Mothers Day Vase with Daisies


All done! Put some flowers (preferably flowers that your child has picked themselves) in the vase and give it to mom. She’s gonna love it!

Want to remember this? Save the DIY Mother’s Day Flower Vase tutorial to your favorite Kids Craft Pinterest Board! 

DIY Mother's Day Vase

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