Halloween Cotton Ball Ghost Craft

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Easy Halloween Cotton Ball Ghost craft is a fun and inexpensive project that kids can make by themselves to get excited for Halloween!

Cotton Ball Ghost Craft


This kid-friendly cotton ball ghost craft will scare away any fear of ghosts! I mean, who could be afraid of these adorable soft and fluffy ghosts?

The cotton ghost craft is a super simple Halloween craft to make with toddlers and preschoolers using supplies you probably have on hand.

As your child is putting the cotton balls on to their little ghosts, they’re also working on developing fine motor skills. Young kids will have so much fun making this tactile craft and they’ll love grasping and squeezing the soft cotton balls.

If you’re looking for an easy Halloween craft for kids to do, then this not-so-spooky cotton ball ghost craft is for you!


To Make the Cotton Ball Ghost Craft, You’ll Need:


How to make Cotton Ball Ghost Craft


Assembly Instructions

1. With a pencil, draw a ghost shape on your white card stock paper and cut it out using scissors.

2. Cut out two eyes and a mouth from your black card stock.

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3. Cover the entire ghost shape with glue.

How to make Cotton Ball Ghosts


4. Place cotton balls on top of the glue, covering the ghost shape entirely.
5. Glue the eyes, and mouth onto the cotton-filled ghost, and your ghost is finished!

Optional: Use scotch tape to attach yarn on the back of the ghost and hang it as a cute Halloween decoration!


Isn’t this cotton ball ghost just the cutest little ghosts you’ve ever seen? 


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Easy Cotton Ball Ghosts

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