How To Make A Coffee Filter Lego Parachute That Is So Cool

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This coffee filter LEGO parachute is really easy to make, helps beat boredom while encompasses all the aspects of STEAM — science, technology, engineering, art, and math!

DIY LEGO Parachute


There are so many fun ways to play with LEGO besides just building (although my kids can do it for hours!). You can make a LEGO catapult, create the alphabet, and so much more!

You can also make a super simple coffee filter parachute for your LEGO figures!

Not only is this cute Lego parachute so easy to make, it’s also so much fun to play with. But the best part about this easy craft is that it’s educational.

You can decorate your parachute any way you want and then watch your LEGO figures glide to the ground with their parachute.

Keep reading to see how this cool STEAM coffee filter activity can keep your kids learning and entertained for hours.


DIY coffee filter lego parachute


How to Make the Coffee Filter Parachute

This coffee filter parachute is really easy to make, helps beat boredom while teaching kids about gravity.


What You’ll Need:


DIY lego parachute supplies



1. Start by flattening the coffee filters and stack them on top of each other. You’ll need one coffee filter per Lego figure.

2. Draw a design on only the top coffee filter using your markers.


coffee filter lego parachute tutorial


3. Dip the paintbrush in water and paint the water over the marker to blend the colors together.

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 4. Allow the coffee filters to dry completely and then separate the filters.

5. Punch two holes on each side of each coffee filter.


How to make Lego parachute


6. Cut two lengths of string about a foot each for each parachute. Fold each string in half and thread each end through one hole on the side of the parachute. Repeat the process on the other side of the parachute.


How to make a toy parachute


7. Tie each string to the Lego figure’s arm.


Build A LEGO Parachute


Now it’s time to test out your mini parachute and let him fly!

Find a place to drop your parachute that will give you some height – top of the staircase, by standing on a chair, etc. Just make sure that the parachute is open before you toss your Lego figure.


Coffee Filter Parachute Lego


Play with the Coffee Filter Parachute

After you put your coffee filter parachutes together, the only thing left to do is play! But as your kids are playing, they’re also learning.

This fun craft encompasses all the aspects of STEAM — science, technology, engineering, art, and math!

To get your kids thinking, try these fun ways to play with this coffee filter craft:

  • Have a race: Count to three and toss the parachutes into the air to see whose parachute makes it to the ground first.
  • Test throwing methods: Throw the parachutes into the air in different ways to see what the results are. Which method makes the parachute go the fastest? Which one makes it go the slowest?
  • Drop from different heights: Drop the parachute from different heights to see what happens. How does the parachute fall when it’s dropped instead of thrown? How long does it take to fall to the ground when dropped from different heights?
  • Make a Landing Pad: Use a piece of paper and some crayons to make a landing pad. Can you get the figure to land on the landing pad? 
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Air Resistance Experiment

This project is a fun way to practice science in everyday play and teach your child about gravity. Here’s how to teach air resistance to your child:

Step 1 – Explain to your child that gravity is a force that pulls things back down.

Step 2- Test gravity by dropping a LEGO figure from a hight without a parachute. The figure will speed to the floor, slam into it, and break into pieces.

Step 3 – Attach the parachute to the LEGO figure and drop it from the same height as before. This time, the air resistance from the coffee filter parachute will slow him down enough to float safely to the ground.

Here is why it works: When you release the parachute, the weight (parachuter) pulls down on the strings and opens a large surface area of material that uses air resistance to slow it down. The larger the parachute, the more air resistance, the slower it will fall.  

Air resistance helps airplanes fly, windmills move, and parachutes to fall gently to the ground. But air resistance can also be dangerous at high speeds, such as in hurricanes or tornados.

Explore more: Try different sized parachutes, weights and lengths of the string to see how quickly or slowly they will fall. Will a bigger or smaller parachute make a difference? Will a heavier parachute make a difference? Will longer strings make a difference?


lego parachute man


Decorate the Coffee Filter Parachute

You don’t have to decorate your Coffee Filter Parachute but it does make your Lego figures parachute a little more colorful and fun. Here’s how you can decorate your coffee filter parachute:

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Step 1 – Start by coloring the parachute with water-based makers. You can color different sections of the coffee filter with different colors or draw some cool design.

Step 2 –When you’re happy with your design, dip a foam brush in water and paint the water over the marker. Simply spread the water over the coffee filter until the colors begin to blur and blend together.

Tip: Create several parachutes in a matter of minutes by stacking the filters on top of each other before you color and paint with water.

The colors will bleed from the top coffee filter to the ones on the bottom making for another science project where you can talk to your kids about how the color can travel and spread through the filter with an agent like water. 


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