Christmas Gross Motor Dice that Keeps Kids Moving

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This Christmas Gross Motor Dice is perfect for the holidays when your kids have lots of energy to burn. They would be fun at a party to keep kids moving too!

christmas gross motor dice


As it gets colder outside, you might not be able to go outside to play every day, but your kids still have lots of energy to burn.

This Christmas Gross Motor dice is an easy way to let them get some exercise in when they need to get their wiggles out.

It’s easy to prep, just print, cut, glue, and go, and is a fun way to get kids moving indoors (even in the smallest of spaces!).

So let’s print the free Christmas Gross Motor Dices and get moving!


The Gross Motor Activities Include:

  • Prance like a reindeer
  • Climb up the chimney like Santa
  • Roll like a snowball
  • Jump out of a present
  • Grow like a Christmas tree
  • Run like a gingerbread man

You can do these activities at three different speeds:

  • Slow
  • Normal
  • Fast


Supplies Needed for the Christmas Gross Motor Dice

  • Christmas Dice Template (download below)
  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue



1. Start by printing out the template.

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2. Cut out the dice templates.

3. Fold along the dotted lines and glue the parts together.


Your Christmas Gross Motor Dice is complete and you’re ready to play!


free christmas gross motor dice


Download Instructions

To get instant access to the Christmas Gross Motor Dice, enter your name and email into the form below and click the “Get it now!” button.


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How to Use the Gross Motor Dices

Start by using only the dice with gross motor activities.

Let your kids take turns rolling the cubes. After each roll, everyone will act out the Christmas activities for kids depicted.

After you have all the movements down, add changes to it by adding the speed die!

This is a fun way to mix it up because you might roll ‘Run like a gingerbread man’ twice but the speed might be different. You can run one time fast and the next slow.


I hope you and your kids have fun using the Christmas Gross Motor Dice!


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Free christmas gross motor dice

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