Christmas Dramatic Play Pack Santa’s Workshop

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Easily transform your dramatic play space into the North Pole with this printable Christmas dramatic play pack! Your little elf will LOVE playing and creating in each of the stations!

Dramatic Play Santas Workshop


Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate Christmas this year?

This Christmas dramatic play pack is perfect for the holidays and allows you to easily transform your dramatic play space into the North Pole.

Christmas is such a fun time for pretend play and there are so many different dramatic play activities you can do to incorporate learning through play.

With this Christmas dramatic play pack, you can create 6 different stations. Let’s take a look at them!


North pole signs


Benefits of Dramatic Play

Dramatic play, also called pretend play, involves acting out real-world situations and taking on the roles of different characters.

It is an activity where they break through their norms, pretend to be someone or something different from themselves and dramatize situations and feelings for the characters they have chosen.

It may sound trivial, but it’ a fundamental part of the developmental learning process by providing kids the opportunity to express their own ideas, thoughts and feelings in a creative environment. 

Imaginative Play is a great way to develop:

  • Early reading skills
  • Writing skills
  • Oral language skills
  • Cooperation
  • Content vocabulary
  • Social skills


Christmas Dramatic Play Mail Station Printable

Mail Station

Write letters to Santa and create postcards for your friends at the Mail Station. This station invites children to create and is great for encouraging drawing and writing.

First, I attached the “Mail Station” sign to the wall along with the word wall cards. The word wall cards will help your child develop early reading skills and begin to recognize familiar Christmas words and vocabulary.

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I added the letter-templates, postcards and stamps from this activity pack to the Mail Station and of course, some envelopes, pens, glue, and scissors. My kids immediately started to write letters to Santa!

Christmas Dramatic Play Mailbox

An empty cereal box transformed into a DIY mailbox. My first choice was to paint the box red but we were out of paint… So I wrapped it in red construction paper instead, attached a “Letters for Santa” sign from the play pack onto the box, and cut a hole so my kids could post their letters and postcards.

I actually think that the mailbox turned out great and my four-year-old love posting the postcards, letters, stamps, and anything else she can find that fits!


Christmas Dramatic Play Santas Workshop

Santa’s Workshop

Help Santa design and build toys this Christmas. This station invites children to use their imagination to design toys and practice fine motor skills as they build the toys they’ve designed.

When creating the Santa’s Workshop area, I started by decorating the wall with the “Santa’s Workshop” sign along with the word wall cards for this station. I also made an “open” and “close” sign for the elves to turn over as the workshop opens and closes for the day. 

Christmas Dramatic Play Santas Workshop Printable

I added Duplo to the workshop, but I plan on switching these out to other building toys like Lego, PlayMags, building blocks, and Squigz to keep the workshop fun.

I will also add recycled material like cardboard boxes, rolls, popsicle sticks, tin cans, paper plates, and pet bottles and craft supplies like craft sticks, pompoms, buttons, and glitter glue when I feel like I’ve collected enough recycled material.

I added the Toy Design Template and Special Toy Requests from the play pack. The Toy Design Template is a fun way to practice early writing and drawing and it’s amazing to watch children use their imagination to create their very own toy!


Christmas Dramatic Play Wishlist Station

Wishlist Station

Put together a wish list of all your favorite things and send it to Santa! Cut out pictures from catalogs or draw pictures yourself.

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When creating the Wishlist Station, I started by decorating the wall with the “Wishlist Station” sign along with the step-by-step instructions for how to create a wishlist.

I added the Wish List Template from the play pack and some catalogs from toy shops and local supermarkets, scissors, and glue. We then cut out pictures of things they wanted to ask Santa for. This was a great way to practice scissor skills and writing their name so Santa would know who the wishlist was from.

Once the wishlist was finished, we put it in an envelope and sent it to Santa!


Christmas Dramatic Play Wrapping Station Printable

Wrapping Station

Help Santa wrap the toys you’ve built and practice fine motor skills at the same time!

I created the Wrapping Station using the “Wrapping Station” sign from the play pack, along with the word wall cards and the step-by-step instructions on how to wrap a gift.

I then used kraft paper to wrap some different sized boxes and added them, tape, scissors, ribbons, bows and gift tags to the wrapping station.

The different-sized boxes were a great way for my kids to explore what size of the box they needed for the toy they want to wrap. Then, they got to decorate the kraft paper by drawing with crayons and put bows on it. 


Christmas Dramatic Play Tree Decoration Station

Tree Decorating Station

Decorate a small Christmas tree for Santa to put some presents under. This is a simple but fun way to practice fine motor skills.

We found a cute little Christmas tree at our local supermarket for $15 and bought some mini decorations to hang on the tree. My four-year-old found it very tricky to hang the ornaments and ended up just putting the ornaments on top of the branches. We’ll need to keep working on this skill.

I also attached the “Decoration Station” sign and word wall cards to the station. 


Christmas Dramatic Play Cookie Decoration Printable

Cookie Station 

Make some delicious gingerbread cookies for Santa (or yourself) and decorate them. Or make a batch of gingerbread play-dough to decorate.

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I decorated our cookie station with the “Cookie Station” sign from the play pack, the word wall cards and the step-by-step instructions on how to make gingerbread cookies. 

Christmas Dramatic Play Cookie Decoration Station

We used real gingerbread cookies and decorated them with icing and sprinkles which was a lot of fun!

I plan on making some gingerbread scented play-dough soon and will then add pans, rolling pins, cookie cutters, buttons, googly eyes, beads and other loose parts so the kids can use them to decorating their play-dough cookies.


I hope your little elf will LOVE playing and creating in each of the stations just as mine did!


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