Christmas Button Cards that Toddlers Can Make

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These adorable and easy Christmas Button Cards are so simple that even a toddler can make them. Kids can choose from one of the five designs or design their own! Choose from a Christmas tree, Rudolph, Snowman, Wreath, or ornaments.

Christmas button cards for toddlers


These Christmas button cards are so easy to make! You only need a few supplies to make them and they’re so simple that even a toddler can make them.

There are five designs to choose from or you can come up with your own!

Create a button Christmas tree, snowman, Rudolph, Wreath or ornaments. Don’t forget to write a special message or simply put “Merry Christmas” inside.


Christmas Button Cards that Toddlers Can Make


Supplies Needed to Make Christmas Button Cards

You only need a few supplies to make these five Christmas cards! 


Christmas Button Cards for Kids


Directions to Make Christmas Button Cards

First, fold card stock in half to create the cards.


Christmas Tree Button Card: 

1. Glue green buttons in the shape of a tree onto your card.

2. Add 1 brown button to the bottom of the tree for the tree stump.

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3. Glue a yellow button to the top.

Christmas Tree Button Card



Rudolph Button Card:

1. Glue a large, red button to the card.

2. Use a black marker to draw eyes and antlers.

Reindeer Button Card


Snowman Button Card:

1. Glue three white buttons to the card to form a snowman.

2. Cut out a hat from black cardstock and glue to the top of the snowman.

3. Add a thin ribbon as a scarf.

Snowman Button Card

Ornament Card: 

1. Glue colorful buttons to the card to create ornaments.

2. Using a ruler, draw a line from each button up to the top of the card.

3. Draw a half-circle at the top of the button and draw a bow onto the “string” to complete the ornamen.

Ornament Button Card

Wreath Card:

For the final button card, make a wreath out of small buttons and a thin ribbon.

1. Start by drawing a circle.

2. Glue buttons to the circle. Work your way around with alternating red, white, and green buttons. 

3. Glue a thin ribbon to the wreath.

Wreath Button Card

Write a greeting on the front or on the inside of the cards.

Your Christmas Button Cards are completed! Which one is your favorite?


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