Best Craft Supplies for Kids

My Favorite Craft Supplies for every day crafting with kids!

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My Favorite Art Supplies

Crayola Watercolor Paints

Easy to use and pretty colors. Water color paint is often less messy than washable tempura paint (as long as you keep the amount of water you offer with the paints to a minimum!).

Washable Finger Paint

This is a great painting kit to start with and my kids enjoys getting messy with this paint. Smocks required for this one!


Paint Paper

This paper is perfect for watercolors, markers and poster paints. It keeps moisture from seeping through, and it stands up much better than construction paper to the heaps of paint little kids tend to use on their projects.

Other Craft Supplies I Love

Pom Poms

Fun for toddlers to sort in different bowls or use them to decorate papers, cardboard letters or any other surface. You can also use them to practice sorting shapes and sizes.

Pipe Cleaners

Pipe cleaners are the star of any crafting table due to their versatility and flexibility that allows any adult or kid to create an endless number of designs and shapes. The options are endless!

Craft Sticks

There are all sorts of things you can make with craft sticks, ornaments, tiny furnitures, letters,  etc. Give them to your kids and see what they create, I’m sure you’ll be surprised!

My Favorite Craft Supplies Organizers

Organizer Cart

This is such a space saver! Literally every craft supply your kids use could fit in this! You could even utilize a color coded system to keep the craft supplies tidy and easy to find.

Storage Center

This is great storage for my kids’ art supplies. It’s sturdy and roomy and I was surprised at how large it is. The kids just grab the bin they need and put it back when done!

Beads Holder

This case is perfect for organizing small supplies like beads, buttons and other tiny craft supplies.